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1759: The Year Britain Became Master of the World

Category: British History
Type: Book
Author: McLynn, Frank
Pages: 452
Publisher: Grove Press
ISBN: 9780802142283
Call number: YC.2004.a.7759
Library catalog: British Library
Year: 2006
Google books link:
Language: en
Tags: History / Europe / Great Britain     


History would have been different if not for the events of 1759. It was the fourth year of the Seven Years', or the French-and-Indian, War, and crucial victories against the French in the first truly global conflict laid the foundations of British supremacy throughout the world for the next hundred years. The defeat of the French not only paved the way for the global hegemony of the English language but also made the emergence of the United States possible. Guiding us through England's often extremely narrow victories in India, North America, and the Caribbean, {McLynn} controversially suggests that the birth of the British Empire was more a result of luck than of rigorous planning. {McLynn} includes anecdotes of the intellectual and cultural leaders of the day--Swedenborg, Hume, Voltaire--and sources ranging from the Vatican archives to oral histories of Native Americans.--From publisher description.

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