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Europe's Gross National Product: 1800-1975

Category: Ionian History
Type: Article
Book Title: Η ασφάλιση των γαλαξειδιώτικων πλοίων
Author: Bairoch Paul
Editor: Kiraly K. Bela
Journal: The Journal of European Economic History
Pages: 273-340
Issue: 2
Volume: 5
Library catalog: Wilson Library, University of Minnesota
Date: 1976
Language: English
Tags: Europe     economy     development     gross national product     


[277] .... Economic growth was probably moderate between the beginning of the XIXth century and 1842-44. During this period, total GNP increased by some 1.2 - 1.3 per cent per annum, and the per capita increase was probably in the range of 0.5 -0.7 per cent. But from 1842-44 to 1867-69, European total GNP increased by some 2.0 per cent which led to a per capita increase of some 1.2 per cent. Then followed a period of very slow growth which lasted until 1889-91. The annual increase in the total GNP was 1.0 per cent, and since population growth was of the order of 0.8 per cent per year, this slow growth implied a virtual stagnation in per capita income...... [those large imports of cereals (which were made possible by the abolition of European tariffs on food and the reduction of transport costs)..] ....

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