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Ancient and Modern Malta

Category: Ionian History
Type: Standard
Book Title: Πρακτικά Α΄ Συνεδρίου 'Επτανησιακού Πολιτισμού': Κοινωνία, Οικονομία και Πολιτισμός στα Επτάνησα (1386-1864)
Author: De Boisgelin Louis
Editor: Carroll R. Glenn and Teece J. David
Pages: 127-142
Publisher: Richard Phillips
Volume: Α΄
Library catalog: Γεννάδειος Βιβλιοθήκη Αθήνα
Date: 1805
Location: London


p.109 [...] The principal trade of the island consisted in cotton, the growth of the country, and which was of a much superior quality to that brought from the Levant.It was exported either in bales, worked up into cloths and coarse stuffs, or in its spun state. The greatest part was sent into Spain for the manufactures in Catalonia. [...] The other article of commerce were but trifling, and consisted principally in ashes of kalimagnum, which the Maltese sent to Venice; lichen which they sold in Sicily; oranges, sent

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