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0315: An authentic narrative of the Russian expedition against the Turks by sea and land ...
Mediterranean Sea History - Ottoman History - Russian Expedition 1770 | fleet, Officer on board the Russian | 1772 |
0398: Atlas Arkhipelaga i rukopisnye karty Pervoi Arkhipelagskoi ekspeditsii russkogo flota 1769-1774 gg = Atlas of the Archipelago and manuscript charts of the First Archipelago Expedition of the Russian Navy in 1769-1774.
Mediterranean Sea History - Russian Expedition 1770 | Gosudarstvennyi istoricheskii muzei (Moscow, Russia) | 1997 |
0320: Gauging Maritime Trade between the Mediterranean and Northern Europe in the Late Eighteenth and mid-Nineteenth Centuries, using Electronic Databases
Ionian History - Mediterranean Sea History | Kapetanakis, P. S. | 2010 |
0318: Long Run Patterns in Market Efficiency and the Genesis of the Market Economy: Markets Around the Mediterranean from Nebuchadnezzar to Napoleon (580 BC and 1800 AD)
Maritime History and Theory - Mediterranean Sea History | Földvári, Péter and Leeuwen, Bas van and Zanden, Jan Luiten van and Centre for Economic Policy Research (Great Britain) | 2011 |
0396: Naval Wars in the Levant 1559-1863
Mediterranean Sea History - Ottoman History - Russian Expedition 1770 | Anderson, Roger Charles | 1952 |
0316: The Great Sea:A Human History of the Mediterranean
Mediterranean Sea History | Abulafia, David | 2011 |
0321: The Greek Orthodox Community of Mytilene: Between the Ottoman Empire and the Greek State, 1876-1912
Mediterranean Sea History | Mandamadiotou, Maria | 2013 |

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